Sheridan Briggs

Director of Pharmacy
Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital

Sheridan Briggs is the Director of Pharmacy at Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital (TRRH), in the Hunter New England Local Health District of NSW. She heads up an amazing team of people who provide clinical pharmacy and medication supply services to patients in 13 rural hospitals, as well as the people of Tamworth.

Over the past few years, Sheridan has put her Diploma of Leadership and Management to use, implementing many systematic changes that have resulted in increased Pharmacist numbers and enhanced clinical services in TRRH. Sheridan’s goal for the future of TRRH pharmacy is an enhanced learning environment, that encourages early career pharmacists to grow as clinicians in their own right, to further improve the services that the team provides.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
“Do more” … a call to action. In the words of Yoda “Do or do not, there is no try”.

Why are you excited about participating in MM2017?I am excited to share our learnings from our first year of residency; what difficulties we’ve had, what has worked and what we would do differently in future.

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
I envisage a pharmacy future of more highly skilled, knowledgeable pharmacists who are more actively engaged (doing more) in all facets of patients’ medication care and hospital journeys.