Kate Ziser

Medical Team Leader Pharmacist
Royal North Shore Hospital

Kate Ziser is the current Medical Team Leader Pharmacist at the Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW. Her previous pharmacy experience involves educational and rotational positions at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, QLD. She has completed her Graduate Diploma in Education and worked for three years in Washington, DC, USA, as Science Head of Department. She taught chemistry, created a Diseases and Treatment course and implemented practical lab work into all curriculums. She has experience in presenting using multiple modes, differentiating, engaging challenging audiences and obtaining feedback.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
As pharmacists we can always “Do More” to deliver a high standard of patient centered care. The conference will give opportunities for motivated, passionate and like minded pharmacists to come together. We will be able to share our successes, learn from and motivate each other to “Do More” to deliver a higher level of patient care.

Why are you excited about participating in MM2017?
After teaching for three years, I returned to pharmacy. Many skills were directly transferrable and I have seen the benefits in my workplace. I will be running a session titled ‘Presentations that POP!’ as I am committed to developing pharmacists’ presenting and education skills.

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
Pharmacy practice is always evolving and it’s a particularly exciting time to be in the profession.

Pharmacists are well recognised by the public for their role in the community setting. In the future they will continue to be hubs for dispensing and supply of medications. I hope the shift will be automated dispensing and increasing the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians. This would allow pharmacists more time to be involved in clinical roles in the community involving preventing and managing ill-health, care of the elderly and patients with complex needs.

In the hospital setting I hope that there is an expansion of pharmacists into a wide variety of clinics and wards. It would be ideal for pharmacists to increase their prescribing skills, and pharmacists will have to be proactive about seeking these opportunities. Ward based technicians will be well established and linked to all clinical areas.