Fawn Birch

Wollongong Hospital

Fawn has been working in hospital pharmacies for over seven years and is currently a Technician at Wollongong Hospital. Prior to this she was the Dispensary Manager at the Gold Coast Hospital where she grew a keen interest in training and developing staff. One of her main responsibilities was to mentor and supervise technicians whilst they completed their own certificates. This led Fawn to complete a certificate in Training and Mentoring.

In 2015 Fawn contributed to the successful implementation of a new role “Inpatient Liaison Technician”. The role allows current technicians to expand their knowledge and overall scope of practice. In 2016 the role was awarded a Patient Safety Award at the ISLHD Quality & Innovation awards.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
We need to “do more” than just talk about what we can do to improve our practice, we need to act. We need to “do more” than just promise to try harder, we need to deliver. I feel if we all work together we can “do more to improve patient safety.

Why you are excited about participating in MM2017?
By sharing expanded Technician roles I hope we can encourage other departments to take the leap into the future of advanced Technician practices.

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
In 10 years I hope to see dispensary’s run by Technicians allowing all Pharmacists to be on wards delivering more effective patient focussed clinical activities. Australian Technicians will have a nationally recognised qualification and scope for advanced Technician practice. I hope Hospital Pharmacy Technicians will see their roles as careers not just a job.