Arlene Saulong-Reichel

Pharmacy technician
Blacktown Hospital

Arlene Saulong – Reichel began her career in pharmacy 30 years ago as her family has a pharmacy business in the Philippines. She started in Australia as a pharmacy assistant progressing to pharmacy technician acting in higher grade position several times as Pharmacy Data Coordinator in Justice Health.

She now works in Blacktown Hospital as a pharmacy technician. She completed her Certificate 11 and Certificate IV in Hospital Pharmacy, 4 years ago.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
Do more means to be involved in all areas of pharmacy. It means learning processes and enhancing the skills I have (upskilling). It also means sharing knowledge with my peers to have better and safer health care outcome for patients.

Why you are excited about participating in MM2017?
This will be the highlight of my career, to be a speaker myself. I always says that “LIFE is full of surprises, we never know what life is gonna bring to us”.

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
With new technology, Pharmacy will be utilising highly computerised systems and programs. In 10 years time stand-alone applications will be linked, for example MIMS/Cerner/ iPharmacy/eMEDS/eRX or even new completely different program packages. It will enable faster dispensing, improve availability of stock and reach 100% accuracy in dispensing. It will allow an inventory system that can predict/record/accurately order/determine usage/reduce wastage of a single medication and improve cost effectiveness. Pharmacy staff will be more involved in clinical on site activity with other health professionals and patient care discussions. The Pharmacy Technician role will be expanded to be proactive in the wards such as gathering patient information to facilitate/help the pharmacist in medication lists and also by filling medication machines, or sending medications by suction tunnel straight to the medication ward rooms.