Alison Tyedin

Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery Pharmacist
Austin Hospital

Alison is a Clinical Pharmacist at Austin Hospital in Victoria, where she has worked since completing her internship in 2012. Since her intern year, she has completed her Graduate Certificate and Masters of Pharmacy Practice. She has been the cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery pharmacist for the last 2½ years; with previous experience on the infectious diseases, respiratory, rehabilitation and surgical wards.

Alison is passionate about educating younger pharmacists. She is an accredited Clinical Educator at Austin Health, acting as a preceptor for intern pharmacists and clinical training mentor for junior pharmacists, whilst also participating in Monash University’s Intern Training Program. Alison also has a strong interest in research and is currently a member of Austin Hospital’s Adverse Drug Reactions Committee.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
To me, the theme “Do More” insinuates showing initiative and being proactive to help improve our pharmacy profession and healthcare provision, as a whole. This could be through innovative research projects, enhancing education of patients and/or healthcare co-workers or ensuring quality use of medicines to facilitate safe and appropriate prescribing practices.

Why are you excited about participating in MM2017?
There is a lot happening in the pharmacy world in terms of medication prescribing and monitoring, particularly from a research and e-medicines perspective. It is exciting to see what changes my pharmacy colleagues have been involved with to “do more” for our profession and the future of healthcare.

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
An increase in electronic prescribing and a move toward a completely paperless hospital working environment, and more hands-on clinical pharmacist involvement in prescribing.