Yazmin Brown (nee Crossingham)

Clinical Pharmacist
Manning Base Hospital

Yazmin Brown is a PhD Student at the University of Newcastle and a Clinical Pharmacist at Manning Base Hospital (Taree).

Yazmin’s PhD project is on the role of the extracellular matrix in ovarian cancer metastasis and drug resistance, with a focus on discovery of novel drug targets and biomarkers. Yazmin is the 2017 recipient of the Hunter Medical Research Institute’s ‘Emlyn and Jennie Thomas Postgraduate Medical Research Scholarship’. This PhD top-up scholarship is awarded to further the education and support of talented emerging medical researchers.
Yazmin is currently serving on the SHPA NSW Branch Education Subcommittee and the Capability and Capacity Working Group (CCWG) for the SHPA National Translational Research Collaborative (NTRC). She also previously held the position of student observer on the SHPA NSW Branch Committee.

Yazmin hopes to inspire current and future generations of research pharmacists with her enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what is ‘known’ in the realm of pharmacy and beyond.