Dr Christopher Johnston

Specialist in Poisons Information
NSW Poisons Information Centre

Dr Christopher Johnston is a Poisons Information Specialist at the NSW Poisons Information Centre and PhD Candidate with the Clinical Toxicology Research Group, University of Newcastle. As a former Intensive Care Registrar and Hospital Pharmacist, Chris is all too aware of the challenges in Critical Care Medicine of figuring out how to administer complex combos of medications, fluids and enteral feeds and figuring out which tube goes in which hole – all while keeping the nursing and pharmacy staff happy! An enthusiast in all things venomous, Chris is completing a PhD examining the investigation and management of snake envenoming in Australia and Sri Lanka.

What does the conference theme “Do More” mean to you?
Don’t sit back!

Why are you excited about participating in MM2017?
Great to be giving something back to the profession!

Where do you see pharmacy in 10 years?
In the cloud!