Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed in the exhibition hall between Friday 17 November (from 1015 hours) and Saturday 18 November.

You will be able to hang your poster between 1600 – 1730 hours on Thursday afternoon and 0730 – 0815 hours on Friday morning, with all posters being displayed by no later than 1000 hours on Friday morning. You are required to remove your poster at the end of afternoon tea on Saturday 18 November 2017.

Poster presenters are reminded to remove all poster tubes and any packaging from the poster areas. Any poster packaging left next to poster boards will be disposed of. Due to tight space restrictions, any posters that do not conform to the size requirements will not be displayed.

Poster size

  • Each poster is limited in size to 841 millimetres wide x 1189 millimetres high (standard AO size)
  • Your poster must be portrait orientation. Please note, nothing larger than the above dimensions can be accommodated. If your poster exceeds the size limit, you will not be able to display it at the Conference.
  • Poster boards will be Velcro receptive boards. Velcro will be provided.

Poster Viewing Sessions
In 2017 posters can be viewed on both Friday and Saturday during the Conference as outlined above.

To interact with the poster presenter; to find out more about their research or to ask any questions, please note the below times when the presenter will be available.

How to make the most of your poster webinar
The webinar “How to make the most of your poster” is available to be viewed by clicking here. SHPA members can view this by using their standard login details and Non-SHPA members can view this by logging in as a guest using the following password: MM2017.

Poster preparation information
The poster displays will provide a forum for informal discussion. The poster should be self-explanatory, so that you are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised by viewers. Remember that your material/illustrations will be viewed from distances of one metre or more. Lettering should be as large as possible and preferably in bold type.

Poster PDF
Please submit a copy of your poster in PDF format. To provide your poster PDF simply click here, select the file from your computer and upload your file by no later than Friday 3 November 2017. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to use this process.

As well as being available to delegates on the Conference app and website, this pdf will be used for the judging process.

You are also requested to have a back-up of your poster PDF available while you are at the conference.

Please advise the Conference Secretariat if you do not wish for your poster to be available electronically for all delegates to view.