About SHPA

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) is the national professional organisation for more than 4000 pharmacists, pharmacist interns, students, technicians and associates working across Australia’s health system. SHPA is the only professional pharmacy organisation with a strong base of members practising in public and private hospitals and other health services.

SHPA supports pharmacists to meet medication and related service needs, so that both optimal health outcomes and economic objectives are achieved for individual Australians, for the community as a whole and for healthcare facilities.

For nearly 80 years, SHPA has represented and advocated for pharmacists working in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Hospital pharmacists operate at the highest levels of pharmacy and healthcare, and represent the greatest expertise in the design and development of professional pharmacy services to support positive patient outcomes.

SHPA members lead the Pharmacy Departments in all of Australia’s principal referral hospitals, as well as the vast majority of both Public Acute A and Public Acute B hospitals. Pharmacy departments in 75% of all hospitals (public and private) are led by SHPA members. SHPA members are also employed in a range of innovative outreach and liaison services in community healthcare settings.

For more information, visit the SHPA website at: www.shpa.org.au.